Test: TheTube/TubeStick – a DTT tuner for the Mac

TheTube Recordings Although eyetv has never let me down when it comes to DTT on the Mac I just had to give the fairly new kid in town TheTube and TubeStick by equinux a go. When you are thinking about watching digital televison on your Mac and don’t know which tuner and software to choose this article might be just what you were looking for.

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Create vibrant black-and-white photos

Knowledge / Tutorial: Converting colour photos into vibrant black-and-white images using Photoshop or some other image editing software Have you ever tried to convert a colour photo to a black and white one and were quite disappointed with the result? Your idea was to get a style similar to Anton Corbijn’s photos but all you ended up with was a washed-out grey something. Well here is how to get things right.

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Abuse your business cards

Core77.com is conducting a little contest for nice business card hacks. Check out the ideas!

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Maps (old-school)

This weblog post over at ministry of type has some pretty map images which are a well welcomed alternative to the more-and-more-tiring Google maps look.

Insanely cheap software at MacHeist.com

Most of you have probably heard about macheist.com already. Those of you who have not should hurry over to the site and get your bundle of software purchased right away. These apps are so incredibly cheap that you should not miss the opportunity to get your hands on them: The more people buy this bundle the bigger it gets (even if you buy now). As more people purchase the bundle more apps get thrown in. Hurry, only little time left!

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Neophilia recommends


inbox application iconIf you are working by applying the GTD principles and methods you might like my currently used tool: Inbox by Midnight Beep Softworks. The application feels a bit different from all the rest out there but it might be just your kind of thing. Give it a spin.

elgato Turbo.264

elgato turbo.264 icon I have been using this tiny little helper for a few months now and would not want to miss it anymore: Turbo.264 converts Video into H.264 format in high-speed. This will calm down your MacMinis vents! » buy at amazon.de / .com

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